Take your privacy in your own hands

ChatMail gives the most powerful encryption possible to shield your personal data and safety.

ChatMail is available globally through our international distribution team.

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Everyone has a right to privacy

ChatMail has been developed and produced to guard the primary rights of our customers and users.

With unparalleled structural abilities and a seamless interface—companies, individuals, and businesses can communicate securely and confidentially.

Unlike apps that are downloaded, comprehensive protection assurance is the main aim of our business, so we offer a complete privacy solution beginning from the operating system, network infrastructure, software, data communications, and servers. Our ChatMail mobile devices feature tamper-proof integrated end-to-end encryption.

One Unified App

Simplicity is our foundation. With ChatMail, you no longer have to change between apps; everything you require is in one place. We’ve effectively streamlined the user experience by producing the most advanced, intuitive, and intensely encrypted software. Fewer gateways involve fewer difficulties. By eradicating the need for complicated layers of security or entry points for cyber criminals to infiltrate, it becomes more straightforward.


If your private keys get in the wrong, your personal data and security are at risk, so you have full control over your private keys. The keys are generated by the user and never leave your ChatMail device. This will maintain your peace of mind.


ChatMail implements an integrated end-to-end encrypted messaging code via our Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), which is entirely unique to ChatMail and incorporates both our PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography. One-touch access enables you to obtain an immediate entrance to your encrypted messages and groups through one app. You also can send and receive voice messages via earpiece or speaker (or set device to use auto-detection).


Take notes with the comfort of never having to worry about unlawful access to your personal or professional records. Your information is never stored in clear text and needs your password to grant access to your messages for a maximum of 15 minutes. An optional secondary pin guards your sensitive notes when sharing your device with an associate. ChatMail guarantees that your encrypted records are continuously shielded and available within our backup and restore feature

- N E X T
E N C R Y P T I O N -

ChatMail was first to offer a multi-layer integrated encryption program that uses the proprietary ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) to implement a more fluid, seamless communication platform shielded by both PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography.
When communicating with other ChatMail devices, you can access high-level functions like group chat, voice messaging, picture messaging, and standard chat. However, ChatMail devices can also interact with conventional PGP encrypted smartphones using standard PGP software, the phone defaults to the most reliable type of encryption and contacts are color-coded
to show if they are internal (also using the CAMP protocol) or external (using PGP software). Internal users support added features; encrypted voice, pictures, and self-destructing messages.messages.


Connect with your Authorised ChatMail Reseller from within your profile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Self-destructing messages will be terminated on both devices as per the designated expiry time, even without a data connection. You cannot forward, save, or favourite a self-destructing message, picture or note.


Custom PIN for two-factor security on your Notebook lock screen.


Gain immediate access to your notes, contacts, voice messages, photos, and groups with a swipe You will no longer need to switch between apps.


Send and receive encrypted voice messages with the choice to accept by earpiece or speaker (or set device to use auto-detection).


No cached image data, best image quality with the smallest file size.


Available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, and Portuguese. German coming soon.


Within both individual and group discussions, typing status is available when both users allow this feature. A double check-mark in blue symbolises the recipient has read your message.


When you send or receive an urgent message, the recipient will be notified via a custom sound and vibration sequence. You have the option to control who can send you an urgent message inside your contacts profile.


Messages automatically erase from your device within one to seven days. Marking a message as favourite enables you to retain individual messages for an extensive-time period. Select between seven, fourteen, twenty-one, or thirty days.

Game-Changing Chat Interface

With the CAMP protocol, we provide the most secure encryption on the market while maintaining a clean, easy-to-use interface that mirrors the functionality of a non-encrypted smartphone.

Our simple and intuitive chat interface offers:

–  Automatic message expiry even without data connection
–  Favourite messages so they will not expire or self-destruct
–  Send secure pictures using encrypted camera
–  Send and receive encrypted voice messages
–  Group chat and anonymous group chat capability
–  Choose between ChatMail’s dark or light interface

Unified User Interface

ChatMail utilizes the latest in user experience design to bring a modern approach to the encryption industry.

Group Messaging

ChatMail’s custom-designed technology allows for the creation of both group chat and anonymous group chat in just three easy steps. You can select whether members are allowed to send voice messages, images and/or share contacts. You can also set the group to expire after a certain period of time or set a mandatory message expiry for all communications.

- T E C H N O L O G Y -

With multiple encryption algorithms and an easy-to-use interface, our advanced features make for a seamless transition into the world of encrypted communications.


Our proprietary parsing algorithm transforms the way you look at encrypted PGP emails. Our parsing algorithm strips out all the unnecessary bits of a PGP encrypted email — subject lines, email signatures, etc— and converts them to appear like a chat message.


Unparalleled full control over your encryption keys. You can generate new keys with the click of a button. Key cache has been designed so every 24 hours public keys are automatically fetched to make sure you never have an old public key. Individual key lookups can be updated manually in a matter of seconds.


ChatMail comes with the option of dark and light mode depending on personal preference and desired user experience.

Peace of Mind

Should the unimaginable happen and your device is either compromised or stolen, there is no need to panic. ChatMail ensures you have urgent access to and control over your private data.


Only you have the ability to backup or access your data using a private, personal password. A simple one-step process and your contacts or notebook are restored.


You can set an optional duress password, which will automatically destroy all of your sensitive data in an instant.


An essential anti-theft feature that allows you to send a command to the device to delete all data.


ChatMail is the first encrypted PGP email solution to support end-to-end encryption. Our email servers act as a relay for your communications. You no longer need to trust that the server is deleting your sensitive information because ChatMail does not store your sent or received messages.


Security starts the moment you power on your ChatMail device by implementing multiple layers of authentication. This gives you the added protection and tamper evident security you expect in an encrypted device. Once you successfully unlock your device you can then enter your ChatMail password to access your private keystore, thus allowing temporary access to your encrypted database.

When you send a message to a recipient our proprietary CAMP Protocol steps in and encrypts the message being sent, then uses a secondary encryption algorithm to store the message in your encrypted database. ChatMail goes beyond the typical E2EE to encompass all aspects of data, whether in transit or at rest, to ensure your data is always secure.


Although operating system encryption has come a long way in protecting your sensitive data, you shouldn't rely on a single locked door. The OS is the primary attack surface that researchers are actively trying to exploit and find vulnerabilities in. It is always better to have another layer of security behind that locked door for when it is breached

Feature Updates

With our in house development team we are always updating and adding new features and software enhancements.
Updates are quick, painless and instant.

If you have an idea that could make ChatMail better, contact us.